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Our Prices Will Increase Slightly in 2018

City Kitch price increase

Well, it had to happen some time. Our client prices at The City Kitch have held constant for over two years now…and most of you can’t remember when we’ve ever had a base-price increase because it’s only happened one other time. We know that no one likes price increases and we’ve given it careful and…

Food Truck Parking Is For Food Trucks

Food Truck Parking Is For Food Trucks

FOOD TRUCK PARKING IS FOR FOOD TRUCKS. It’s not for catering vans or personal vehicles. If you own a MoFU (Mobile Food Unit) you may park it against the North curb where the spaces are conveniently marked “Food Truck”.  When you have your MoFU out working you can reserve your space using a personal vehicle displaying…

While We’ve Got Time

Time Theft Costs Money

Time Theft is A Real Thing Let’s talk about time; When you hire someone to work for your business, you expect that they are working the hours you are paying them for and, if they are “padding the clock”, you feel cheated…and you probably fire them for stealing both wages and time. At The City…

12 Steps To Keeping It Clean at The City Kitch

Keeping 1t clean

“Hi, We’re The City Kitch and we get messy”. Just like most 12 Step programs the meetings begin with an introduction (never been to one? You’ll just have to take our word for it). The difference here, though, is that it can’t remain anonymous. We have to know who is doing what in our kitchen…

Reserve Your Kitch Time

Reserve Your Kitchen Time

The City Kitch has always worked closely with the NC Dept. of Health in order to make this the best, cleanest, easiest shared-use kitchen to work from. We even helped write the new shared-use kitchen regulations you’ll see coming from the State level soon. One of the things we’ve always done is let the Dept.…

Charlotte Observer Wants To Know “What’s a Spiedie”?

Whatza Spiedie Charlotte Food Truck

Our client Whatza Spiedie is grabbing the attention not only of Binghampton NY transplants but Charlotte residents and visitors from far and wide. Their unique chicken or pork hoagies are served warm just like they were intended to be back when they were originated more than 50 years ago. Congratulations guys…way to roll!  Read the…