Time Theft is A Real Thing

Time Theft at The City KitchLet’s talk about time; When you hire someone to work for your business, you expect that they are working the hours you are paying them for and, if they are “padding the clock”, you feel cheated…and you probably fire them for stealing both wages and time.
At The City Kitch, it’s a little different than that, but the reality is similar; We expect that our clients are being honest, clocking in and out when they should and paying for the hours they are actually working.
Unfortunately, we’ve noticed some clients developing an unsavory habit of using the time clock improperly. So, to avoid any problems, PLEASE CLOCK IN when you arrive and begin setting up your station, not after you’ve already set it up (after all, that is part of using the space).
Then, CLOCK OUT when you are completely finished, after cleaning and sanitizing, after you’ve finished using the kitchen and after any carts used have been cleaned and put away.

Time Clock Key FobsIf you or your employees do not have time clock fobs, please come get them from us. We have ordered more so that everyone who needs one can have a fob. They do NOT cost you a thing…but not using them will!  We require that all clients not only make a reservation to use the shared use space (this includes all food trucks, all caterers and all product producers) but that they clock in and out properly as well.
It should be noted that when we discover that a client has cheated the time clock we start to pay close attention and audit them daily…and we do add the time back on to the offending clients’ bill..  That costs staff time and increases expenses for everyone.
Just follow the Golden Rule. Mathew 7:42