We Operate On Christian Principles

Why Run a Business on Christian Principles?

Because when you do the right things in the right way you have nothing to fear. We want our company to be fearless. To do its part to make our community, state and world a better place to live and work. Since we are a “for profit” company that may seem a little difficult to understand.

The City Kitch attempts to honor God by:

  1. Serving customers with excellence.
  2. Managing our business with diligence.
  3. Building relationships with care.
  4. Adding value to our community.

Christian principles are the foundation upon which we can create a better business and working environment. We honor God by observing these tenants in every area of our lives, including our business activities.

Unfortunately, running a business that adheres to these ideals can be confusing to some people.  But we think all of our customers, if they really thought about it, would want us to operate this way.

A Christian business paying attention to Christian principles is simply operating according to Biblical teachings. It has nothing to do with churches, Bible translations or any of that other “churchy” stuff that so often divides people.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ sets the standard for our behavior in business as well as in our personal lives. This decision-making criteria is most clearly reflected in terms of how The City Kitch deals with people, money and excellence.

Jesus said, “I am among you as one who serves.” We strive to serve others as well.

Jesus used money, but He was not controlled by it. The purpose of our business is to make a good profit, but there is more to it than that.

Jesus said we are to do all things well. Excellence is our goal and, although we sometimes fall short it’s what we strive for.

So, what does a business run on Christian principles look like?  Hopefully it looks just like The City Kitch.


Carrie & Dave Hegnauer