The City Kitch has always worked closely with the NC Dept. of Health in order to make this the best, cleanest, easiest shared-use kitchen to work from. We even helped write the new shared-use kitchen regulations you’ll see coming from the State level soon.
One of the things we’ve always done is let the Dept. of Health know who is here, when they’re here and how long they’re planning to be here in the Kitch. Our proprietary reservation system has been the catalyst for that convenience for both our clients and the State. So much so that The Health Department now requires that you use our system to reserve your prep space at The City Kitch in advance and we’re making some slight changes to make it even easier for you to do so. (Please let us know if you have any suggestions to make this process even easier. We’d love to have your reasonable input).

The Health Dept. has recently let us know that they would appreciate at least a TWO HOUR advance notice of reservations. We think that’s reasonable and ask that you comply with their request. Of course, at this time, it is only a request, but we assume it’ll eventually be a mandate so we’ll encourage you to develop  good habits in advance.
For more about reserving your Kitch Time be sure to read the information on the reservation page. You’ve probably skipped over it on your way to making your reservations, haven’t you?