Well, it had to happen some time.

Our client prices at The City Kitch have held constant for over two years now…and most of you can’t remember when we’ve ever had a base-price increase because it’s only happened one other time.

We know that no one likes price increases and we’ve given it careful and thorough consideration before making any changes. But, with the cost of rent, utilities and other services climbing and our need to continue to grow, maintain the facility and add more services, we decided to institute a modest price increase effective January 1, 2018. 

If you own and operate a food truck, your base price will increase by just 3%. That’s less than $25 a month for the average MoFU customer, and represents a very small percentage of your total business.
New MoFU client costs will increase to $850 per month…still less than most other commercial kitchens and with better customer service than anyone else around!

Our catering and production clients will not see an actual price increase, but the minimum required hours will change from 10 to 15 hours per month. This simply means that you’ll be pre-paying 5 hours more at the beginning of each month instead of being billed for the same amount at the end of the month. For most of you this doesn’t mean much at all.
We do realize, however, that for a handful of smaller caterers and producers who don’t use many kitchen hours, this change could make a difference. It’s our hope that you’ll continue to grow your business with us and the additional minimum monthly hours required won’t be an issue.

Nearly all of our incidental pricing will remain the same. Cleaning rags reverted to the previous $15 per bundle price to cover our increased cost.
It’s our goal to always provide excellent service and continue to improve The City Kitch as we grow.

Please note that these changes will be reflected on your billing January 1, 2018.