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Ten Percent of People Dream of Making Booze for a Living

by Justine Sterline for Food and Wine Magazine There would be a lot more beer in the world if people followed their dreams. Do you dream of being a winemaker or craft beer brewer? You’re not alone. According to recent survey, one out of every ten people lists winemaker or brewer as their dream job.…


5 Food Truck Menu Card Design Tips

Although most food truck customers order from a trucks menu board, developing a food truck menu card for customers to take away with them after they take their order needs to be part of every food truck’s brand collateral. Providing colorful presentations of the food items your truck sells always plays a huge role in…

Photographed by Das Gupta Prabuddha, Vogue, March 2008

5 Exotic Culinary Vacations Where Its All About The Food.

With Summer right around the corner here is a list of  5 Exotic Culinary Vacations Where Its All About The Food! (VOGUE by Brooke Bobb) For many travelers, food isn’t central to their itineraries. Delighting in the tastes of regional cuisine often plays second fiddle to activities like going on safari, whiling away the hours in…

CNN 4 reasons you should really learn to cook

4 reasons you should really learn to cook

(CNN) When clients ask nutritionist Joy McCarthy for one easy diet change, her answer is always the same: Start cooking your own food. “It’s completely transforming,” says McCarthy, author of “Joyous Health: Eat and Live Well Without Dieting.” “I often tell people, ‘Do you want to feel better? Do you want to have more energy?’…


7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Leasing Kitchen Space

August 15, 2014 by cambromfg In today’s economy, being a foodservice business owner and owning the facility might not always be concepts that go hand-in-hand. Whether yours is a start-up operation or your current one is so successful that it’s simply bursting at the seams, leasing kitchen space (or additional kitchen space) is a viable solution that…


It Pays To Advertise

At The City Kitch we’re all about promoting our clients…but once in a while we come up with a way for you to return the favor. It’s kind of like “you scratch our back and we’ll give you some extra ‘scratch’”. When your food truck or catering company becomes a client of The City Kitch…


Website Development and Strategy

One the most obvious but commonly ignored methods of improving your brand recognition, driving profits and enhancing customer contact involves creating a dynamic website. With over 72% of Americans having internet access people are increasingly turning to your website to gather information about your product or service prior to actually ordering or dining with you.…

The City Kitch. Where Charlotte Comes To Cook

Chef Carrie Hegnauer Opens The City Kitch

Professional culinary educator and entrepreneur Carrie Hegnauer announces the opening of The City Kitch, Charlotte’s premier commercial rental kitchen, commissary and culinary education center. With nearly 12,000 square feet of space there is plenty of room at The City Kitch for clients, including caterers, food trucks and food product producers to grow their business in a licensed,…


The “Kitch-Mobile” For Client Events

When you need to arrive at a catering event in style and with the right equipment we’ve got you covered. The City Kitch’s new 2013 Ford Transit Connect is equipped with enough state-of-the art Cambro transport boxes to carry 800 portions. The “Kitch-Mobile” is for our City Kitch clients only and reservations are required. Just…

Lesson 1: Culinary Terms

Lesson 1: Culinary Terms