FOOD TRUCK PARKING IS FOR FOOD TRUCKS. It’s not for catering vans or personal vehicles.

If you own a MoFU (Mobile Food Unit) you may park it against the North curb where the spaces are conveniently marked “Food Truck”.  When you have your MoFU out working you can reserve your space using a personal vehicle displaying your MoFu placard to prevent it from being towed (more about that later). If you do not take the extra couple of minutes to block or mark your space (a couple of large orange cones work too) you may expect a hassle on some evenings when you return (restaurant customers sometimes feel somewhat entitled).

We know, we know! Some of the restaurant clients are difficult to deal with and we’ve had many conversations with them as well as the restaurant managers and the building complex owners. One of the reasons we’ve not enforced towing is that our own City Kitch clients don’t always follow the rules and we’ve towed a couple of them in the past. But,  we’re not going to let that stop us. So please be forewarned. 

Do NOT park among the giants if you are not a MoFU client and just want to be closer to the building. You can unload and load near the back door, but then please move your vehicle to the common area parking after that. If you risk parking in the Food Truck line at an inopportune time without a MoFU placard to prevent the tow company from mistaking you for an unwanted guest, your vehicle may not be there when you return.

We have contacted a local towing service to regularly tour the lot to help keep our Food Truck spaces open and will be re-posting signage to remind people that they will be towed if they take the risk. Please remember, though, that the rules do apply to all of us.