The City Kitch consultants provide the insight your food business needs to succeed.

The City Kitch consulting team is comprised of experienced restaurant, culinary and marketing professionals with the expertise to reduce costs, drive sales and grow profits. We lead our clients to immediate and long-term profitability by increasing operating efficiencies, reducing expenses and creating a sustainable marketing plan for your business.

Our passion for food, years of experience and hands-on approach are the cornerstones of The City Kitch’s approach and your success.

img-consultingWe know it can be difficult to make changes with your own staff so we offer to take the reigns [and the heat] throughout the implementation stages utilizing the strengths of your personnel and our experienced, objective vision to your benefit. No matter what size your operaton is you can confidently add The City Kitch’s professionals to your team to support key sales and profit-building initiatives. Our hands-on managing partners are always in touch assuring you that the only answer you’ll hear is “Yes Chef”!

Innovative Solutions

Providing innovative solutions to your food, beverage, operating and promotional challenges is what we do. The City Kitch relies on our expertise and proven strategies that blend your food business’ unique culture, operating systems, menu innovation and training programs to create results from the top to the bottom line.

We Understand!

We’ve been there and we’ve done that. Front to back, top to bottom line and coast to coast our team of experts has created it, done it and taught it. Yet, we know that past experience is only one element of a culinary professional. We also provide current industry knowledge, excellent business judgment, leadership skills, marketing, PR and social media acumen and the ability to provide sound business advice.

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We're committed to making a positive impact on the lives of each one of our customers and we hope you'll join us!