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The Jelly Roger

Live Free or Diet

The Jelly Roger is a local Charlotte bakery, cupcakery, whatever-ry, with the singular ambition to thrill and excite your mouth parts.

The Jelly Roger bakery Charlotte

Husband and wife team Kyle and Jessica Findlan combine scientific precision with radical experimentation to hone classic flavors. They are constantly experimenting with new and exotic recipes to add to their already-extensive repertoire. Their mantra is always Flavor First which means they’ll never sacrifice the best possible taste experience in exchange for looking good on a shelf. You won’t find The Jelly Roger’s cakes covered in fondant or their cookies filled with corn syrup…it’s just wrong.

The Jelly Roger’s specialty is indulgence, (particularly for grown ups). You want bourbon cookies, schnapps cakes or brandy pies? The Jelly Roger’s got you covered.

The Jelly Roger team is always searching for new ways and inspiration to turn snack time into happy hour in their City Kitch laboratory.

The Jelly Roger is available for events of any size; from your wedding day to your afternoon munchies. When it’s time to indulge, don’t settle for “off-the-shelf”, treat your self.