Sugar Daddy’s

Sugar Daddy’s  |  So Good It Don’t Make No Sense!

Sugar Daddy’s founder Bryan Baggett has been a food lover ever since he was two years old and helped his Mom make his own birthday cake. When he was eight, he often cooked omelettes for his family on Saturday mornings. By age 26 he had a grill, a couple of smokers and a rapidly growing mastery of of grilling and BBQ.
With that passion for cooking for family and friends, Bryan finally decided it’s time to take his show on the road. Literally. So he’s starting his very own food truck right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bryan’s menu is “slider-based with a heavy emphasis on southern favorites like Pimento Cheese, Mac-n-Cheese, and Candied Bacon. This original Sugar Daddy feels confident that his menu will resonate strongly with the artisan brewery crowd, food truck rally connoisseurs and, quite honestly, pretty much anyone who likes really GOOD FOOD!