Lenny’s Press Box

A Lenny’s Press Box Cuban Sandwich is especially imPRESSive.

Lenny’s Pressbox‘ owner Lenny Losier has a life-long passion for food – eating and cooking it. Lenny and his family discovered hot, pressed Cuban sandwiches during their 18 year Florida residency and brought that craving with them when they moved to Charlotte in 2007.

Not wanting to limit their Cuban Sandwich experience to  infrequent returns to Florida, the family  decided to make, and perfect, them right here in the Queen City. They claim that the sandwich itself is “rather simple”, but it’s finding, and then repeating, that ideal combination of their sauce mixture, pickles and other ingredients that “makes” their sandwich so imPRESSive.

So, after creating Cuban Sandwiches for countless friends, family, parties, and events…and everyone’s encouragement, Lenny and his son, Gary, figured it was time to share with the rest of us!

Son Gary has his own passion for cooking discovered when, at about 12 years old he asked if he could grill burgers for dinner one night. What turned out to be the best burgers they’d ever tasted now translates into the family owned and operated Lenny’s Press Box.

You can follow Lenny’s Press Box on FaceBook or find them on their web-site. Call them for your next event or find them all around Charlotte!