Chicken Kitchen Food Truck

“Premium Chicken Foods”

We all have those memories of good food…the type of food that brings the smile back to our faces; whether it’s from drunken college nights, family dinners, or that one epic Super Bowl party. Those are the types of feelings we want to inspire others to have again. And what better way to do that than with food?

The Chicken Kitchen’s a mobile food truck serves in North & South Carolina with amazing wings, wraps, quesadillas and nuggets, all available with our special sauces. Of course we serve sodas, sweet-tea and other beverages to wash it all down and, to go with it all, try our perfect french-fries, cheesecake or other home-made dessert selections.

Chicken Kitchen specializes in premium chicken products prepared and served responsibly with the sole intention of creating memorable experiences for everyone.

The Chicken Kitchen Food Truck operates in Southern Virginia, North Carolina, and Northern South Carolina. We’re also available for your special catering.