A la Minute

a la minute (a la min-oot) ~ French for “in a minute”

Restaurants everywhere have adapted “a la minute” to mean “cooked to order“. What they mean is that the dish is actually prepared as you order it. Here at A la Minute, we’ve put yet another spin on “a la minute“.

Welcome to A la Minute, Charlotte’s premier meal preparation and delivery service.
We deliver our meals right to your home each week featuring your choice of chef-inspired creations. With A la Minute’s amazing selection of ready-to-eat meals we’re confident we’ll appeal to everyone in the family. Whether or not you’ve used a private chef or meal prep service in the past you’ll find that we’re different.

Your A la Minute meals can be heated and eaten at your convenience. When they arrive you will truly be cooking “a la minute” because all of meals are heated to your convenience, whenever you want. No longer are you troubled with the prospect of cooking dinner and the clean up afterwards. We know that our service will save you hours, not minutes, each week in the thought, shopping, preparation, execution, and cleanup of dinner.

So give call or email us today and let us help you put delicious, quality prepared meals on your table in 5 minutes or less!