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Whether you’re promoting a church rally, a concert, a private event, lunch for your office or just searching for a different kind of catering, book a MoFU from The City Kitch and we’ll connect you with the best street food Charlotte has to offer.

The City Kitch’s Book A MoFU service takes the confusion, waiting and (often expensive) middle-man out of finding the perfect food truck, trailer or push-cart for your event. And we do it with a simple, DIY request form that doesn’t cost you a thing.

MoFUs When & Where You Want Them.

To book a mobile food unit for your location or event just complete the request form.
It won’t be long until you’ve got the best Street Food in Charlotte at your door!

A Bao Time

Book your favorite food trucks with our free self-service request form.

Want to offer a variety of food choices throughout the week at your campus, complex or office building? The City Kitch’s Book A MoFU service can provide a far greater variety than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants…and your employees won’t have to leave the area!

If you want service every day, twice a week, or just occasionaly, you can book them fast, free and easily using our simple request form. The City Kitch is host to a variety of Mobile Food Units that can be rotated as often as you choose…you’re in control.

Enjoy a different dining concept every day or request your favorites again and again. It’s entirely self-directed and as easy as filling out a short request form Just provide the information about your location, how many guests you’re expecting, and who’s paying.

We’re picky

The City Kitch MoFUs

Look for this sticker on your favorite MoFU. We’re picky & you should be too.

It’s not just any ol’ MoFU that can call The City Kitch their home. We make sure that the mobile food units you and your guests enjoy are licensed, permitted and insured. Each and every one is contractually obligated to adhere to the high standards set by  The City Kitch, the NC Department of Health and the NC Department of Agriculture. We also require each MoFU operator and their key employees to be ServSafe ® Manager Certified.

A MoFU can work from The City Kitch only if they:

  • Ensure compliance with NC State permitting requirements
  • Have a clean “bill of health” from the NC Dept. of Health
  • Adhere to strict food safety regulations and are ServSafe ® Manager Certified
  • Verify proof of insurance

With The City Kitch “MoFU Request Form” you can:

Street Food Services Request

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