Carolina Smash Truck

Keep it fresh.  Keep it local.  Keep it simple.

Carolina Smash Truck was born out of one guy’s childhood love for simple, delicious food and his wife’s conceptual creativity.

Carolina Smash Owner Bobby Lamby had worked in kitchens all over the Buffalo, NY area, when a 3 month work program in Italy helped forge his passion for quality, local food and exceptional service. Upon returning from Italy, the Lamby family packed up and moved from Western New York to lay their roots righ here in Charlotte, NC.

During his first five years in the area, Bobby worked long hours crafting exciting Asian offerings as an integral member of the eeZ/Cowfish team.

His dream of owning and operating his own business was brewing the whole time and he decided that NOW is the time hit the road and start SMASHING.

The Carolina Smash Truck offers thoughtfully creative grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas seared and “smashed” ‘til golden brown and delicious on our thermostatically controlled flattop griddle.
Breakfast sandwiches and quesadillas are available for morning service at local farmers’ markets, churches and, frankly, any other location that will welcome us.

Once the summer arrives and things heat up, we’ll also offer chef-driven, house-made ice cream sandwiches!

So, when you see our classic white food truck with the rustic ship-lap sign, stop on by and #getsmashed!!!