Bebo’s Mac Shack

Charlotte’s Premier Mac Truck

We are a mobile kitche serving the finest gourmet mac-n-cheese anywhere! We offer up our tailored menus for any type of party or event with your budget in mind. You’ll also find us at local breweries, wineries and competitions within a 75 mile radius of the Queen City…so come and get it!
Can you say yum?!

In The Beginning…

We started out humbly enough, but we had a grand plan: To create the finest Mac-n-Cheese this world has ever tasted. With nothing but a food truck and a dream we’ve grown (and exploded) to this point where you’re reading this right now and probably even salivating a little.

Our secret? It’s not just one, admittedly. The best ingredients is a big part. An unrelenting love for food is another. We think we pretty much have our Mac-n-Cheese bases covered.

But, as it turns out, we also like people. After all, we’re not making these delicious macaroni creations to not share them with our human species brethren! We hope to share them with you, in fact…and soon. So head on in to the nearest (heck, it could even be the furthest) Bebo’s Mac Shack location and feast your eyes on the greatest Mac-n-Cheese ever made. You won’t be sorry you did!