Scratch Kitchen CLT

Scratch Kitchen CLT Food Truck Charlotte

Scratch Kitchen CLT; Building on Breakfast Scratch Kitchen CLT‘s Mission to build on that already successful meal-time concept called breakfast (we didn’t make it up, we’re just making it better) by combining our amazing, made-from-scratch items into a meal you’ll want to eat all day long. Using high quality local products whenever possible and providing…

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Lenny’s Press Box

Lenny's Press Box Food Truck Charlotte

A Lenny’s Press Box Cuban Sandwich is especially imPRESSive. Lenny’s Pressbox‘ owner Lenny Losier has a life-long passion for food – eating and cooking it. Lenny and his family discovered hot, pressed Cuban sandwiches during their 18 year Florida residency and brought that craving with them when they moved to Charlotte in 2007. Not wanting…

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It’s Just Great Food Catering

It's Just Great Food Catering Charlotte

Welcome to It’s Just Great Food It’s Just Great Food is a professional catering service serving Just Great Food in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas since 1999. Chef Mike Wallace and wife Alicia have created their well-honed craft of delicious foods and superb personal service so, when asked what their specialty is, they simply reply,…

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Eats & Things “The Gourmet Way”

Eats & Things The Gourmet Way

Welcome to Eats & Things ~ The Gourmet Way. Eats & Things is a unique Charlotte, NC based food truck and catering company with an extraordinary breakfast and lunch menu. With breakfast inspired by trendy sliders and a lunch fare introducing Detroit-style favorites in our own “gourmet way”, we’ll have you wanting Eats and Things…

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The Bodega Food Truck

The Bodega Food Truck Charlotte NC

It’s finally happening. With the objective to bring something new and fresh to Charlotte’s mobile cuisine, The Bodega Food Truck is bringing Latin street foods to The Queen City!

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Fresh-N-Fit Meals NC

So, you order these amazingly craveable, fully-prepard-by-a-chef  meals delivered right to your door. They’r made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, that give you everything you need and not a thing that you don’t need. They’re convenient. They save time. You don’t have to go shopping. You don’t have to cook…or clean up. They’re chef inspired so you don’t even have to think about…

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Bad Mother Smokers

BMS is a Competition BBQ Team from Concord,NC. We have become known for our unique sauce that balances sweet with a touch of heat. Products Famous for a BBQ sauce to please everyone…Mustard/Vinegar/Mango…its AMAZING!

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Legally Delicious

Food so good it should be illegal Chef / Attorney Rod Wright creates dishes that will have your taste buds dancing! Your event will be unforgettable with his inspired cuisine, beautifully presented and pleasing to you pallet.

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Smoke & Go BBQ

Founded in 2003 by brothers’ Sammy and Marvin Young after the passing of their mother, “Sweet Sadie Bell Young”, Smoke and Go began as a brothers’ passion.  Having been raised with 14 brothers and sisters, the traits of good home cooking was instilled in us.  We all love to cook, but only a few of us took after “Sweet Sadie”.…

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