Taters on Wheels

By Sophie Whisnant  ~  It’s been a long time since chef Swerlin Goodwin had the idea to open a restaurant showcasing the culinary possibilities of the potato. It’s been four years in fact, but this week customers can finally enjoy Goodwin’s creations wherever he happens to park his truck. The Ace of Spuds food truck will make its much-anticipated public debut on Friday, July 6.

While Goodwin is the mastermind behind the food itself, it was Charlotte photographer and Queen Agenda founder Saloan Goodwin and her long-term boyfriend Rel Dunlap, a local musician and fellow entrepreneur, that helped cultivate Ace of Spuds from an idea to a food truck.

Saloan, who designed the logo and works on branding and marketing with Dunlap, isn’t a chef, but she has grown up surrounded by food, she says. Read the whole story