“Hi, We’re The City Kitch and we get messy”.

Just like most 12 Step programs the meetings begin with an introduction (never been to one? You’ll just have to take our word for it). The difference here, though, is that it can’t remain anonymous. We have to know who is doing what in our kitchen in order to maintain cleanliness and keep the equipment in good working order.
We do have surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the building, but we can’t spend hours every day ‘watching TV’. So…we rely on our clients, on YOU, to help us keep The City Kitch operating the way YOU want and need it to. So here’s our

12 Steps to helping keep The City Kitch Clean

1) Clean and Sanitize ALL areas you use during your kitchen time, including Prep Sinks & Hot Line areas
2) ALL trash cans you use MUST to be emptied, AND rinsed. That includes the hand-towel trash cans if you put anything besides paper towels in them (stop doing that, it’s disgusting!).
3) The dish pit, three-compartment sinks AND the dish machine sinks MUST be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly when you’re finished using them. Don’t leave it for some one else to do, that’s YOUR mess in there. Oh, and be sure to get underneath the strainer at the rinse sink and the strainers underneath the three-compartment sinks to keep fruit flies out of the kitchen. Please don’t leave any of your items on the drying racks and put OUR equipment away properly so the next person can find it without looking all over the place.
4) Sweep the floors (yes,even UNDER the tables please, you know that song about how meatballs roll). Mop them when you’ve made a mess.  Return brooms, dustpans and mops to mop-sink area
5) Clean up spills/boil overs and other messes you make on and around the cooktops and ovens.
6) For the love of God clean the smoker if you’ve used it!
7)  CLEAN the blast chiller when you’ve used it. Wipe up any spills and then PLEASE turn it OFF! If you don’t know how to use the blast chiller, please ask us. You’ll get much more efficient use from any of our equipment if you know how to use it properly. (Those little probes for example.)
8) IF YOU USE THE FLAT TOP YOU CLEAN THE FLAT TOP – if you don’t know how, please ask; we’d be happy to show you.
9) Clean and sanitize the transport carts when you’re finished using them, park them where they belong. They are for transport only, not to be used as an extension of your cooking space.
10) Keep your speed racks and refrigeraged shelving clean – you WILL lose points with the Health Department if they are dirty. Please note, we supply ONE cover for each speed rack when we issue them. If you tear or damage the cover, you will be charged for a new one.
11)  Keep your dry storage space clean and swept – you WILL lose points with the Health Department if you are messy.
12) Closed toed shoes and head coverings are required in the facility at all times. There are no exceptions.

For more information about how to keep The City Kitch clean please review the short facility orientation overview here.